4 critical elements of effective company values

As a leader, did you find company values necessary?
Company values aren’t just fancy words shown on the organisation’s ‘about’ page. In fact, many professionals believe it is more worthwhile to work for a company that has clear missions and values.

How can you make effective company values?

1. Align your core values with the company’s values
It seems tempting to directly adopt other companies’ values, but your company values should be unique to your value systems.

2. Base them off real values
When it comes to defining your core values, consider the most important ones to your team. Because at the end of the day, you want your employees to reflect the company values.

3. Gain team’s buy-in
You can arrange a brainstorming activity to involve your team in the values and establish a process to better implement company values. This helps create shared values within the organisation and gives employees more sense of working as a team.

4. Make values simple and concise
Avoiding too many values and making them too complex helps the employees have a clear mind so that you wouldn’t scare them off.

Source: Asana

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