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Methods of improving team’s efficiency at work

“Work is a process, and any process needs to be controlled. To make work productive, therefore, requires building the appropriate controls into the process of work.”

– Peter F. Drucker.

Team efficiency is essential because it directly influences the team’s productivity. What can managers do to improve it?

1. Set and track attainable goals

When assigned to a project, managers should first consider the key goals and team members’ capacity. This is to make sure that managers leverage each team member’s strengths to maximize team productivity.

2. Clarify roles and tasks

Especially when working on a large project, managers should break it into smaller tasks and allocate each task to the most suitable person so that the whole team will not be overwhelmed.

3. Prioritise works based on key results

Each day, managers may be given several tasks and deciding which one to start with is always a problem. Keeping the organization or department goals in mind helps managers prioritize and keep all the team members on the same page.

4. Communicate effectively

Productivity can be enhanced by communicating effectively. Building an environment based on truth and trust or using the right technology will help form a healthy and effective communication environment.

How about you, do you have any other methods to improve the team’s efficiency? Let’s share with us by commenting below!

Source: Asana, HR Cloud

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