How to improve your work productivity?

In order to work more efficiently, it is crucial for you to properly prioritizing your tasks. Usually, when tasks are piling up, we may feel overstressed about the things that have not been completed, which is overwhelming. So what is a proper way to prioritize tasks?

1. Create To-do list
You cannot prioritize your tasks if you do not have a picture of your whole task in the first place. And during this process, if you identified some bigger tasks, make sure to break them down into subtasks. Afterwards, remember to add other information about due dates, level of urgency, and how much time you think they will take to keep tasks detailed and organized.

2. Adopt of tailor a task prioritization method
There are some task prioritisation methods for you to choose, such as: Eat the frog, Eisen Decision Matrix, ABCDE method, Chunking and so on. You may directly select one or tailor them to suit the nature of your job, your team, and your work style.

3. Schedule your tasks
Recognising the time needed by each task from beginning to end may give you a clear time frame and ensure you will not freak out when it comes to changes in tasks and you will have to add and shift your priorities.

4. Communicate tasks’ progress with your teammates
When it comes to completing tasks with teammates, coordination and team efficiencies are always essential. It is highly recommended to proactively inform your teammates of the progress and updates or delay and changes in your tasks to reduce the time wasted on those requests and improve the team productivity and efficiencies.

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