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How to research a company before applying for a job

Good company research is essential to deciding who you want to work for when you are ready to apply, and acing your interview when your knowledge of the company is put to the test. Here are some steps you could take to research a company:

1. Make a list of companies that share your values
Read employee reviews about the company’s culture, salary, job advancement and work/life balance and make a list of companies that share your values.

2. Research the company’s employee benefits
Do they offer healthcare benefits, stock options, flexible work schedules, or onsite facilities like the gym and cafeteria? Read the job description, the company’s website, and employee reviews to find out.

3. Learn about the company’s business operations
Refer to the company’s website, their annual reports, and public financial documents to learn how the company makes money, what industry the company is in, who the target customers are, how long they’ve been in business and how good/bad the company’s reputation is.

4. Research the company’s leadership
Read the About Us page and employee bios on the company’s website to see what the executives and directors are like.

5. Research news and recent events
Refer to news and specific industry publications, customer forums and product reviews, to find out recent updates about the company and its competitors as well as the company’s reputation.

6. Seek opinions from others
Seek opinions from trusted and reliable friends and associates. If you lack the network, consider reaching out to relevant people for a quick coffee chat.

Source: Indeed Career Guide

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